Our mission is to keep our clients healthy, help them work through injury & pain, and keep them moving. We know how important it is to stay active, perform at your job and to keep doing the things you enjoy. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing our clients are feeling better than ever! But you don’t have to take our word for it – read what they have to say.

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Alexandria Donlan Testimonials

As an individual whose body relies on regular manual therapy due to overuse and athletic injuries over the years, Massage Therapy of Boston is a fabulous find! Ali is experienced, thorough, detail-oriented, and applies the perfect amount of pressure every time. She tailors each session to what needs the most attention and can pick up on my problem areas without me having to say a word. She’s a miracle worker for tension headaches, and I notice an immediate difference in my overall quality of movement following just one of her sessions. Highly recommend!


I visited Massage Therapy of Boston to help with my recovery from a nasty shoulder break. Ali has been fantastic helping me to gain range of motion and work on the tight muscles in my shoulder and neck resulting from the injury. Ali is very thoughtful and knowledgeable and knows just what muscles to target to be most effective. I highly recommend Massage Therapy…..


Before meeting Ali, I had continuous pain and irritation in my neck and back due to my passion for boxing. Through touch therapy and deep tissue massage, my joint pain began to subside and my range of motion improved almost immediately. Over months of treatment and continuous sessions, the flexibility in my spine had greatly improved and the pain I once had had completely dissipated. Every session with Ali has been therapeutic. Her calm and warm demeanor has always made it a very enjoyable experience. Her knowledge and expertise of her trade sets her apart from the rest. I would recommend Ali to anyone seeking a qualified massage therapist.


I was amazed at the amount of pressure Ali can exert! I really felt like work was being done. Ali expertly found my sore spots and patiently worked them until they released. I appreciated that every stroke was purposeful and she really kept my goals in mind of reducing pain in my hips and freeing up movement in my neck and shoulders. I felt so much better after my session with Ali and sore in a really good sort of way.


Adam Parrett Testimonials

Adam is a highly gifted massage therapist.  I have a very physically demanding job and suffer from chronic neck and shoulder tension as well as the occasional low back pain.  Adam is very strong and gives a deep, focused session.  He somehow always knows how to find the spots that hurt and he also finds new spots that I didn’t even knew were hurting that somehow help to make the pain go away.  He is also extremely professional and puts me at ease.  I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a great massage.


Adam has been my massage therapist for three years. I started getting massages after I had back surgery and Adam is the best therapist I have had. Some therapists give a gentle massage that is relaxing, but doesn’t do much for physical ailments. Others think they can’t give a good massage without causing pain. Although Adam is very strong, he is able to use just enough pressure to give you the relief you need. I strongly recommend Adam as a massage therapist.


I have been seeing Adam for a couple of years. He is an excellent massage therapist. I have chronic neck and shoulder stress-related pain. Adam gives an excellent deep tissue massage. He responds well to requests to work on specific areas and recommends stretches to prevent pain in the future. I have had massages from many different therapists in the past and I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking for a great massage.


I highly recommend Adam. When traveling, a soft bed kind of ruined my neck and when I woke up the next morning it hurt to turn my head. This never went away so that after six weeks I finally decided I had to do something. By then, it was a highly urgent matter… When I called, Sarah was able to squeeze me in the same day. Adam did an awesome job with the massage and it was very clear that he knew what he was doing. He targeted the right muscles with just the right amount of pressure. And actually, just that one massage cured me from the neck ache that I had had for six weeks! It is hard to find a good massage therapist, and so its very sad that we will be moving away from Boston soon because Adam is someone to whom I’d go back anytime. Oh, and they also sent me a handwritten card and a coupon by mail a couple days ago. Highly recommended!


Adam is incredible. I came to Massage Therapy of Boston a couple of months ago with a really bad situation in my neck and shoulders. My right shoulder was a complete mess, with large knots, calcific tendonitis in my rotator cuff and the beginnings of frozen shoulder. It was totally debilitating… I couldn’t sleep and I could barely use my right arm. Sarah saw me right away, and I have to agree with the reviews here, she’s tops.

I have since worked with Adam, and I have to say he’s at least every bit as good. Adam is extremely talented, and has great skill as well as an impressive depth of understanding about muscles, joints, etc., the works. He spends some time getting to know your situation, and also gives you exercises to facilitate the healing between appointments. In my case it took him just a few minutes to identify how my shoulder got so messed up in the first place (use of crutches after a broken ankle).

One unique thing about Adam is that he has given a lot of thought to not causing unnecessary pain. I would walk out thinking I’m going to be so sore, which would almost never happen, so at first I thought, is this working? Not only was it working, but FAST. Within a little over a month I had full mobility of my arm. By the time I got to my orthopedics appointment, the doctor told me I was cured.

At this point my shoulder knots are pretty much worked out and my pain is 100% gone. Now I’m sleeping great and getting active again, getting back to life as I knew it. I’m so grateful, I can’t even say. I cannot recommend Adam highly enough.


Mike Shick Testimonials

It’s been wonderful to work with Mike – he really listens to me, and then helps me figure out exactly what my body needs.  He’s incredibly knowledgable and uses multiple techniques – I leave my appointments feeling 10 years younger!


Mike is a gem!  In three sessions, he was able to increase my shoulder mobility from an old injury as well as help me recover from 170 miles on my bike.  He made me feel comfortable right away, asked good questions in terms of what brought me in, and was thoughtful and knowledgable about what might be causing the issues I was experiencing.  I’ve had a lot of body work over the years, and I would highly recommend Mike Shick from Massage Therapy of Boston.


I had to write you and tell you that I had an amazing massage with Mike! He is professional, knowledgeable and courteous. After just a few minutes of work I could feel blood and energy flowing back to my cranky shoulder. I wish I was in town longer for another session with him! The office space is very comfortable and relaxing, and I was able to sink into the table.


Mike has an incredible way of working with the body–engaging the tissue on a deep level while also doing fascial stretching to address postural imbalances.  He has the rare talent of being able to see the body as a whole, looking beyond the immediate areas of pain or tension.  My neck felt worlds better after my session with Mike and I could actually look all the way over my shoulder while backing up in the car for the first time in months!


As a massage therapist I am very picky about who I get my body work from. I have seen Mike throughout the years and have always walked away from the treatment feeling not just relaxed but also impressed to find my pain completely gone. He has a wonderful technique that’s soothing but is also extremely effective in releasing trigger points and scar tissue. I would recommend anyone to see him.


II’ve been getting massages from Mike for several years, on a regular basis, and he is one of the best therapists I’ve ever seen.  He really knows his stuff, and can help with a variety of issues including injury recovery, general flexibility, and stiffness that results from sitting too long.  Mike is personable and can work on customizing an approach to address any specific trigger point problem, or just to feel better and improve mobility.  I highly recommend him!

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