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Alexandria Donlan Testimonials

As an individual whose body relies on regular manual therapy due to overuse and athletic injuries over the years, Massage Therapy of Boston is a fabulous find! Ali is experienced, thorough, detail-oriented, and applies the perfect amount of pressure every time. She tailors each session to what needs the most attention and can pick up on my problem areas without me having to say a word. She’s a miracle worker for tension headaches, and I notice an immediate difference in my overall quality of movement following just one of her sessions. Highly recommend!


I visited Massage Therapy of Boston to help with my recovery from a nasty shoulder break. Ali has been fantastic helping me to gain range of motion and work on the tight muscles in my shoulder and neck resulting from the injury. Ali is very thoughtful and knowledgeable and knows just what muscles to target to be most effective. I highly recommend Massage Therapy…..


Before meeting Ali, I had continuous pain and irritation in my neck and back due to my passion for boxing. Through touch therapy and deep tissue massage, my joint pain began to subside and my range of motion improved almost immediately. Over months of treatment and continuous sessions, the flexibility in my spine had greatly improved and the pain I once had had completely dissipated. Every session with Ali has been therapeutic. Her calm and warm demeanor has always made it a very enjoyable experience. Her knowledge and expertise of her trade sets her apart from the rest. I would recommend Ali to anyone seeking a qualified massage therapist.


I was amazed at the amount of pressure Ali can exert! I really felt like work was being done. Ali expertly found my sore spots and patiently worked them until they released. I appreciated that every stroke was purposeful and she really kept my goals in mind of reducing pain in my hips and freeing up movement in my neck and shoulders. I felt so much better after my session with Ali and sore in a really good sort of way.


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