Sports Massage is an important part of training for any athlete, whether the most competitive athlete training for a triathlon or the more casual athlete who exercises more sporadically or even just on the weekend.  Sports Massage helps prevent injury by keeping muscles mobile and elastic.  Your recovery time will be shortened since massage helps oxygen and nutrients flow, flushing out toxins in muscles that have been pushed hard. If you are working through an injury, Sports Massage helps speed up recovery time.  When left untreated, an injury can cause a build up of scar tissue, affecting injured tissue as well as spreading to healthy tissue.  Sports Massage uses techniques to break down that scar tissue to prevent further pain and additional injury.


At Massage Therapy of Boston, your therapist will focus on the muscle groups that are particular to your sport, giving you a session tailored to fit your needs as the athlete.  If you are training for an upcoming event, we will work with you to create a “treatment plan” to make sure you are in optimal state come race day.

Clients can expect a typical Sports Massage session to consist of deep tissue strokes as well as an incorporation of stretching, active or passive movement of the joints, heat, or ice when needed.  For clients with scar tissue, massage strokes will be applied deeply against the grain of the muscle in order to break up the scarring and flush it back into the lymphatic system.

Stay healthy and active!

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