Massage Therapy of Boston’s last blog let you know how you can benefit from yoga, so now you’re probably ready to begin your own practice! We’ve complied some resources to help you get started and see firsthand what yoga can do for your mind and body.

The Beginner
You’ve heard good things about it and are curious to check it our for yourself. It is easy to be intimidated when trying something new. Luckily, yoga is an all inclusive activity! With in-person and online classes for all skill levels, it is simple to start with an entry class and work your way from there. Here are some of our favorite free videos to get you started!

The Intermediate
You’ve got the basics down and are comfortable with your downward dog and are working on your headstands. Now is a better time than ever to learn more about the heart of the practice. Where it is derived from, who gave it wings and what makes it so widely loved. Joining a class to learn more about the background as well as the practice will give you a deeper connection and admiration of yoga.

The Advanced
You’ve been practicing yoga for many years now and have experienced the rewards of the time you’ve spend. You likely have your own flow, and know the poses and terminology well enough to stand in front of a class and instruct yourself. Consider becoming a certified instructor! With the upswing in participants eagerly signing up for large group classes in the park or at the gym and yoga retreats, why not share with others something so valuable?

Whether you’re looking to share your knowledge with others or keep it close for just yourself, your practice is whatever you desire it to be. That’s the beauty of yoga!