With vast popularity and over 100 different types, it is crystal clear that people adore yoga. Most practices involve breathing exercises, mediation and poses that flex and stretch various muscle groups. With minimal equipment and able to be done solo at home or in any sized group, it is a practice that benefits both the body and mind. How can you benefit from it? We’ve complied several of many reasons!

Everyone is Welcome
Regardless of your physical capabilities, you are welcome to this inclusive exercise. Not only are classes offered for all skill levels, there are also modifications to each pose within these classes. Instructors in person or in video classes typically provide an alternative way to make each pose achievable for beginners and advanced students alike.

Stress Management
Yoga is a great way to assist in stress management. With the stretching and flexing of muscle groups, it will brings to your attention where you hold stress within your body. This awareness carries on into your day-to-day life and helps you to acknowledge stress when and where it becomes present. It is a massage to yourself on what triggers to hold this mental and physical tension.

Mental Clarity
Movement itself deeply benefits the mind and body, so it’s no wonder why pairing physical activity with meditation in yoga is so beneficial. Focusing on the breath aids to keep your mind from wandering. Allow yourself to be invested in your yoga practice and nothing else can sharpen your concentration, a skill that you can take outside of this space and apply it to other areas of your life. Many yoga practices end with a meditation which provides mental clarity and calmness from outside sources.

It’s Good For Your Body
The physical benefits of yoga are vast! Due to the way yoga can aid in stress management and relaxation, people often find themselves sleeping better, finding relief from chronic pain and experiencing lowered blood pressure. With the presence of stretching and flexing, yoga can lead to a resiliency to injuries, increased muscle strength and tone, better flexibility and cardiovascular health improvement.

Tune into Massage Therapy of Boston’s blog next week, where we’ll share some of our favorite guided yoga practice videos and resources!