With cannabidiol, or CBD, more accessible than ever, we are lucky to live at a point in time where we can easily reap the benefits of this plant. It can often be purchased locally, at health food stores, or ordered online. It continues to gain momentum and popularity as people discover its healing properties. Here’s some reasons why you should give it a go!

It is non-addictive, not psychoactive and natural.
CBD can be applied in oil, balm, or cream form, as well as taken orally. On a molecular level, it possess no addictive properties and will not give you a “stoned” effect. It is a natural plant that is harvested from a specific strain of cannabis, where it is often then made into an oil by extracting the CBD and diluting it into a carrier oil such as coconut or hemp seed oil.

It relieves pain.
The most common use of CBD is for pain relief. CBD prevents the body from absorbing anandamide, which is a compound associated with regulating pain. By doing so, it helps one to manage pain. It is also proven to aid in blood pressure reduction, headaches and general inflammation.

It can help with depression and anxiety.
While researchers are still unclear on how CBD does so, there is an overwhelmingly positive reaction to CBD by those using it to treat depression, anxiety, insomnia and PTSD. Research is currently suggesting that it likely helps to boost serotonin levels, the chemical that regulates your sleep, digestion, mood and behavior.

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