Because Massage Therapy of Boston misses you, we’ve put together a list of self massaging techniques to help you feel great throughout this time of quarantine. Each day, be sure to set aside some time for this practice of self care!

The Tennis Ball Trick

This household item is a gem of a tool to aid in self massage. To massage the feet, place the arch of one foot on a tennis ball. With your other foot firmly on the ground and one hand leaning against a wall, gradually press your foot into the ball and slowly move your foot around, focusing on the heel, forefoot, and toes. After several rotations, switch to the other foot and repeat the steps. For back pain relief, Melanie Brunette of Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort recommends to “Take two tennis balls and tuck them tightly into the toe of a sock and lie down on them so that the balls are pressing on the muscles on either side of the spine and the spine itself is nestled in between the balls,” says Brunette. “Then relax into the balls and take a few deep breaths. Move the balls up a tiny bit and repeat. Do this 10 to 12 places along the thoracic spine.”

Relax Your Feet

After using at the tennis ball technique for feet, pamper them one more time! To elevate the self massage experience, try creating a homemade foot scrub using relaxing lavender essential oil. Check out this article for some recipes!

Rest Your Eyes

Our digital world leaves little time for our eyes to rest and recover from the strain of looking at the illumination of our phones, computers and televisions. Luckily, there are two simple ways to relax our eyes and take a moment away from the screens. Swiftly rub your hands together until they are heated, then cup one hand over each eye and allow the warmth to soothe your eye and the surrounding area. On the other extreme, place two metal spoons in the freezer. Once they are chilled, place the backsides of each spoon against the under eye area of each eye. Let them sit for a few minutes to stimulate blood flow, reduce puffiness and relax the area.

Relief For Sinuses

If your sinuses are suffering because of a cold or allergies, it is help to rub the pressure out with your fingers. According, “Press your finger pads just above your nose and rub outward, going over your brow line. Repeat two or three times. Then place your fingers beside the bridge of your nose under your eyes, and rub down and outward. Next make small circles on your cheekbones with your thumbs, working your way out toward your ears. Finish by rubbing your temples in small circles with your thumbs.” To make the experience even more relaxing, try using a mixture of essential oils in a diffuser! We recommend an energizing lemongrass and eucalyptus mixture, or a refreshing pure peppermint.

Aid In Digestion

To assist your stomach after a meal, using the palms of your hands against your abdomen, rub your tummy in clockwise circles. Your food naturally moves clockwise through your intestine, making this circular motion an aid to stimulate digestion.

We look forward to helping you to feeling your best again! In the meantime, we hope this list brings you relief. Support our small business by purchasing a gift card for a future visit!