Successful training revolves around maintaining a healthy and dynamic body. Joints and muscles provide movement and mobility for all activities, meaning that they are highly important to care for and tend to. With runners in full force training mode for the Boston Marathon of 2020, we’d like to share with you the key pieces to keeping the body moving forward with power and intention.



Your body creates lactic acid within your muscles that accumulate during intense exercise. As lactic acid builds, it leads to pain and discomfort in the muscles. Staying sufficiently hydrated, allowing rest and recovery time, and properly warming up the muscles before and after your workout help to prevent buildup. Sports massage is a highly effective way to flush out the build up of lactic acid. Deep massage allows lactic acid to freely pass through because it opens the pores in the tissue membrane, which allows muscles to receive oxygen and nutrients.


Muscle knots or trigger points are a common issue amongst runners and often cause ongoing pain. While scientists have multiple theories on how and why these myofascial trigger points build, the relief of this discomfort is imperative to the runners success. Preventative care, like stretching and using a foam roller, can work to prevent knots, but it is important to comb out trigger points. Through deep tissue massage, a specialist is able to break up tension within a trigger point to alleviate pain.


Assisted or manual stretching allows a muscle or group of muscles to increase their mobility and flexibility through, essentially, one person helping another person stretch. This gentle technique allows for targeted, intentional and deeper stretches that help you to maintain healthy running habits. In addition to manual stretching, we recommend checking out this great article from Heathline for a guide to essential stretches for runners.


Running is one of the most taxing activities on our feet, so it is essential to show them extra attention while training. Heal, toe, tendinitis, over pronation and blisters can all lead to an uncomfortable experience. Proper footwear, keeping the foot dry and taking walking breaks can work in harmony to improve your training. Sport massage will help to relieve pain and reduce inflammation with the incorporation of ice therapy.


Joints are the connections between bones within our body. Healthy lubricated joints are critical to our physical well-being. Building strong muscles around our joints to support and protect them, manual stretching, good posture, icing and consuming supportive foods are essential to the function of our joints. Anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids, which send a message to your body to produce an inflammation-reducing chemical, can be easily incorporated into ones diet, as the nutrient is found in chia, flax and hemp seeds, avocados, cold-water fish and other foods.


Proper blood flow is detrimental to our health and has an even greater importance when it comes to an athlete’s recovery. Vitamin E, B Vitamins, Iron and many herbs, like ginger, turmeric and cayenne pepper, have the ability to improve blood circulation. Beets, leafy greens, garlic and pomegranates also have a positive effect. The composition of blood includes high water content, thus proactive hydration is key. Blood flow is increased by massage, allowing for quicker repair to damaged muscle fibers and connective tissue.


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