Hello and Welcome to Massage Therapy of Boston’s Blog! We are thrilled to have you. Ever notice that as the weather gets colder your tension headaches increase? By the end of your busy work day the area above you eye on your forehead and above your ear on the side of your skull are nagging? You drank tons of water today, so its not dehydration. You got up this morning and had your usual cup of coffee with a light, healthy breakfast. You got 6-8 hours of sleep last night.. what could be causing this? Massage Therapy of Boston has to show you something..

As you’re reading along, right now, try to drop your shoulders down away from your ears as much as possible.. Woah! Didn’t realize they were up so high did you? And that bounce back when you release is a wonder as well! Throughout your day- as you are thinking hard about your task at hand, plugging data into your computer, doing research, taking calls holding your between your ear and shoulder to quickly find that file the person on the phone is asking you 15 questions about- think about where your shoulders are.

As we use our brains harder our musculoskeletal system works with it, creating holding patterns you didn’t even realize existed! Flexing forward, honing in on the device at hand. Arms extended in front of you, head tilted down, shoulders in your ears, a bit of a rounding in the upper back. Your Pecs are doing most of the work along with your Levator Scapula and SCM muscles. The muscles in the back of your body are hanging on for dear life as the muscles in the front of your body are yanking you forward as if to pull you into the glowing screen you’ve been peering at all day! Massage Therapy of Boston has got your back!

This is where a little bit of mindfulness goes a long way! Focusing on keeping your shoulders down, Sternum erect, your shoulder blades toward your spine and down your back and your chin up to a neutral position will get those headaches down to a minimum. Here at Massage Therapy of Boston we believe not only in manual therapy as a wonderful tool to help your muscles relax, relieve tension, and help facilitate new holding patterns, but also to teach our clients the art of mindfulness!

A helpful tip: write a note on a post-it and stick to your computer, mirror in your bathroom, or the back of your phone!

Together we can get you back to comfortable state of being. Reduce those tension headaches, upper back discomfort, and any other stress related discomforts you’re experiencing!

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Massage Therapy of Boston will be closed indefinitely due to the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Boston. We want to ensure the safety of our staff, clients, and families. We hope to be back in full swing after May 6th. Please feel free to book an appointment for a later date via Vagaro our online booking site.

Small businesses all over Boston are going to be greatly affected by this epidemic and we ask that if you are in a good position to please consider doing what you can to help your local small businesses get through this hardship. Ways you can help include purchasing Gift Cards, shop at their online stores, leave a great review and postpone or reschedule your appointments rather than canceling.

We appreciate all of our amazing clients and are sending you all safe and healthy wishes.

With much gratitude,

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