Massage Therapy of Boston would like to congratulate you on qualifying for the 2019 Boston Marathon! As the training ramps up over the next few months and your Saturday mileage increases, don’t forget that your body needs help recovering from those long strides.

When calling on your body to run for extended periods of time and lengths, your muscles will often swell and become tense. Massage Therapy can help relieve swelling, reduce tension, increase circulation, assist in elimination of excess waste (lactic acid) and increase your recovery rate immensely.  Other benefits of a Sports Massage include increasing range of motion and flexibility, and eliminating scar tissue.

Please remember to properly warm up while training outdoors this winter! Your muscles can not contract as efficiently in colder temperatures. The body’s inability to release oxygen from your hemoglobin in cold temperatures means less oxygen is available for your muscles, causing them to feel stiff and increasing your risk for injury.

At Massage Therapy of Boston we are offering a special for Boston Marathon runners this year, package of (3) 60 minute sessions at $10 off per session. You can use the link below to book your appointment online! Then let your practitioner know you are running this year and they will get you set up with a package! 

Be proactive, help your body recover faster and reduce your risk of injury. Completing the Boston Marathon, or any Marathon for that matter is a life goal for many of us.. lets do it right!