Medical Massage and Massage as an alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular throughout the health care industry world wide. Massage has been proven to have countless beneficial effects for people who are experiencing pain and other symptoms associated with a number of conditions. Here are just a few to mention: Cancer, Fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS, Headaches, Anxiety, Pain, Mental Health.

Growing up my father had Colon Cancer. He chose not to spend the end of his days in a hospital and opted for home care. We all took part in helping him remain as comfortable as possible each and every day, it was a family effort. My sister took the role of Massage Therapist and would rub his feet and legs every day to help with the circulation. This was back in the 80’s when Massage Therapy was barely considered anything but a luxury service, instinctually my 16 year old sister just started doing it and the benefits my father experienced from that simple daily notion were immeasurable. This may be what drew me to this line of work in the first place, seeing the relief on a clients face or the ease that a simple human touch can offer is what drives people like me in an industry like this.

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