Dr. Abbie Zubiel - Active Recovery Boston

Dr. Zubiel utilizes a functional, joint-by-joint approach while treating her patients, focusing on deep myofascial release of the kinetic chain, in addition to dynamic stretching and strengthening rehabilitation. She has been trained in various Dry Needling techniques, Active Release Techniques, Graston Technique®, kinesiology taping, and holds advanced certifications in nutrition. She has advanced training in gentle techniques for perinatal care and has completed post-doctoral studies in chiropractic management of pregnancy and the Webster Technique. 

In addition to her sports medicine practice, Dr. Zubiel has a clinical interest in functional medicine. Through a biological systems approach, Dr. Zubiel works to nutritionally support the individual’s body so that it can heal. Her training and personal exploration in nutrition has contributed to her success in helping patients with digestive imbalances and autoimmune conditions. She has a passion for reconnecting people with their potential to heal utilizing lifestyle medicine and moving individuals toward a greater well-being. For scheduling Dr. Zubiel’s functional medicine services, please visit Essex Integrative Health.